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Legend of Dragonfire
Chapter 1
Sad fate

My name is Dragonfire, and I'm a dragon assassin. I'm still very young at dragon years, according to human years I am now 52. I grew up without parents, the day I was born they dissapeared without a trace. With 3 years, I was kidnapped by a dragon hunter who held me captive for more than 12 years, he wanted to learn the dragons secrets and weakpoints, so he could make the huntings for dragons more easy.
It was the most pure hell for me, I wasn't allowed to have contact with other dragons...I was just fifteen when I finnaly escaped from my prison...Much time has passed since then. I'm Dragonfire, and this is my story:

I awoke, like usualy unable to move. My whole body ached, partly because of the position I was in, partly the torture my captor had put me thought. Iron chains were holding my arms, my legs and my wings, even my tail was pressed against the wall. I had to blink when the door opened. I didn't get to see the light of outside very often. My captor entered the room, looking at me. I hated this guy. He tortured me day and night, experimenting with my body. He then said: „Come on, you wake up you miserable dragon! It is time that we continue!A smile layed over his face, and he reached out for my muzzle, which was keeping my mouth shot most of the time. He looked me straight in the eye and sayed:  „Where is the dragon kingdom? Where are you and youre friends hiding?“ I snorted, and looked at him, but I didn't answer. „Well well if you want it like that...“ He drew his sword, and slowly stepped towards me. I already knew what was going to happend next, I had expierenced it more than once. „Where do you hide youre friends?!“ I looked at him and screamed: „I will never tell you you asshole!“ He swang his sword over my belly, leaving a big scar behind. I whimered in pain as he did it again. I could taste how blood filled my mouth, and it slowly began to drip down. He stopped after a couple of other blows, and began to ask again: „Where are you hiding the other dragons?“ I refused answer again, which unfortunatly also led to further beatings. I could do nothing else than to yell. He started hitting on me without mercy. Capo looked at me so cold-hearted as ever. He didn't care if I was in pain or not.. He continued about half an hour until he finally gave up and left the room angryly. I barly could feel my body anymore. The only thing keeping me attached to the wall where the chains. Speaking of which, in the next moments the chains were set to a large extent, so that I could eat and drink. I fell off the wall, the chains still attached to my angeles. I crawled over to my food, and slowly started eating. My body was in really bad shape. I had wounds everywhere. It would be basic suicide to try to escape. Infront of my cell door where a couple of guards, all of them armed. I began to eat, and to drink, trying to consume as little energy as possible. I layed down to sleep again immediately afterwards. I really hadn't the energy to stay awake for too long. I needed to figure how to escape this hell. But I didn't know how...
Legend of Dragonfire Chapter One (UPDATED)
EDIT: Okay guys, I finnaly updatet this! :dummy: The english was horrible before! Well, now its lightyears better XD Enjoy! And please have patients, I will update the other chapters as well. It needed that BADLY.
„The templar you are looking for is currently somewhere in kingston, hiding in one of his hideouts. Youre goal is to find his hideout, track him down and kill him silently. And Rey: I know that he was a close friend of yourse, but put youre personal feelings aside, its to important that to let them interrupt the mission.  And be carefull while searching for him. They are expecting an assassin to be coming.

In respect,
Master Dolzini.

„He may be an assassin, but I'm a templar! I have powerfull friends, and when he comes I will kill him with my own hands! He can't touch me and my power!“ The man kept shouting like that and walked from one side of the garden to the other. Rey, who was just a couple of feet away from him,  smirked a little and just thought: 'Lets see who has the last word about that...' Even though he was confident to be able to sucessfully assassinate the target, he had to admit that he had thought this job would be easier. The mission had sounded so simple to him at first: Get in, find the target, kill him, get out. But he fastly realized that it wasn't going to be that simple. The man had locked himself up in his garden, the area filled with guards. He actually had to take out one of workers and dress up like him so he could get in. After that he took a quick look around for an escape possiblity, which was going to be by climping over the walls.  „He will regret that he had been born! Nobody messes with me! Nobody!“ The shouting of the templar continued. 'Man is this guy ever gonna shut up? He has been shouting like that for two hourse now.' The assassin rolled his eyes and looked down onto the flowers that he had been pretending to water. 'But what have I been expecting, the contract clearly said that they would wait for me. I guess somebody fucked up at spying.'  He sighned to himself and looked up. The man was still surounded by guards. While watching theyre movements, rey gave his last thought a little more attention. Actually, in the last time there had been a couple of „mistakes“ like this when he thought about it. Spys being spotted, messages being tracked down by the templars, really, it had been weird lately. Rey shook his head. 'Something was going on, and we better find out what it is, fast.' Rey once again looked over to the templar, who was currently shouting at one of the slaves. „You call that work?! I call that being lazy! Now get on before I have to punsh some respect into you!“ „Y-Yes sir.“ just came the respond. Rey smiled a little. The templar was nervous. Good, it should stay that way. But still, he had to find a way to kill him without drawing to much attention. Just running over and kill him would be practical suicide. The garden was to full of gards, and hadn't enough options to escape. As he once again looked over to him, he saw how the templar now walked from worker to worker, screaming at them in frustration. A grin became bride on his face. This would be his chance. 'When the templar is over here, I will just quickly stab him and pull him between the flowers. A perfect cover. Rey grinned and now watered the flowers. After nearly two hourse of waiting his patience would finnaly pay off. As he could hear the foodsteps of the man behind him he stopped watering the flowers and got ready. „What do you think you are doing? Keep working damn it. Hey, are you listening?“ The man grabbed reys backside and pulled him up to him. „I said you-“ But before he could finish the sentence the assassin stabbed him into his belly with his hidden blade and quickly pulled him into the flowerfield.

The templar coughed and looked at him in panic. „Rey...I knew you would come...“ Rey just simply said: „Yes you did, but all youre power and all youre mighty friends couldn't help you. Now who told you I was coming?“ The templar closed his eyes and said: „Hehe...still getting straight to the point hu? Well, I could feel it myself but...I'm a man of honor and I don't like of youre men contacted us weeks ago...he told us he would tell us every detail about youre brotherhoods we willed to pay him...“ The templar coughed up. 'Dang it, his time is running short!' Rey thought. „Who was the assassin? Whats his name?!“ He quickly said. „I-I don't know...I never met him in person...he just gave us information and we gave him money...but...he is currently meeting up with one of our men, down at the market...if you hurry you can find him...“ Rey nodded and wanted to finish him off, but the men grabbed his arm. „Rey...I never wanted it to turn out this way...I thought...if I join up with the templars I could bring the world peace an order...but I was wrong...maybe...maybe I should have listend to you...I...I'm sorry...“ He coughed up and took his last breath, and died in Reys arms. Rey sighned and silently said: „I'm sorry as well...may you find the peace you were searching for in youre eternal rest...Rest in peace old pal.“ Rey closed his eyes and stood up.

He took a look around. Nobody noticed the missing screaming of ronald, not yet at least. Rey quickly walked away from the bush, straight to one of the walls. Out of his eyeconner he looked over to the guards. They were just standing there, guarding the place. When they were out of sight, rey climped over the wall. He walked down the hill, thinking about what ronald said. As he was far enough away he started running. He had to catch that traitor. And face him with the consequenzes of betrayel. He made his way though the streets, Rey soon reached the market. As soon as he was there, he quickly took a look around. „Now where are you...“ He shortly concentradet and closed his eyes. The moment he opend them back up he saw everything in black and white. Eaglevision. The gift of those who came before us. As he looked over the market he finnaly found the assassin.  „Fabio...I knew it.“ He was talking to one of the british guards. Rey slowly walked closer, hiding in the crowd. As he was close enough, he could hear them talking. „You got some info for us?“ The guard said. The assassin took a carefull look around, it seemed to Rey like he really wanted to make sure nobody was listening and nobody was watching them. „ they sended an assassin after Ronald Edge. This isn't anything knew, but today is the date he should arrive here. Make sure the docks are sealed. And now go, this conversation is over.“ The guard nodded and walked away,  Fabio took another look around before walking into the opposite direction. Rey waited for a secound and then followed him, hiding in the crowd while doing so. After a while the assassin started to walk faster, Rey figured he may had spotted him, so he walked faster as well. Then, after fifteen minutes of walking, Fabio started running. Rey instantly ran after him. Fabio threw money on the ground, which made the crowd block the way. Rey cursed and climped onto one of the buildings, thanks to the eaglevision still able to see Fabio running. Rey jumped from roof to roof, soon catching up to Fabio. 'He never has been someone with good stamina.' Rey thought. As he was in reach, Rey jumped off the roof and lanted ontop of him, stabbing the hidden blade into his back.

Rey stood up and looked at Fabio. He coughed in pain, looking at Rey, shocked. „What have you done you can't die!“ Rey looked at him in anger. „You betrayed us Fabio, and killed hunderts of men while doing so! You only deserve to share theyre fate!“ Fabio coughed a little. „You ignorant fool...the templars are the only ones who can bring peace to this joing up with them I bought more peace than you ever could...“ Rey shook his head. „The only fool around here is you. But enough of this: You will die knowing that you have been fooled by the templars.“ With that, Rey stabbed him into his chest. Fabio coughed up and died.

The assassin pulled his blade back out and stepped away from the dead body. He slowly pulled his hood into his face, walking though the streets. He made his way back to the hideout. Once there, he knocked onto the door of the grandmaster. „Come in.“ A voice said from the inside. Rey stepped inside. The room he was entering was filled with light by the many windows. At the left side of the room an old man was sitting on his work desk. „Master Dolzini.“ Rey simple said, laying one hand on his chest and bowing before him. The master nodded. „Ah Rey, I wondered when you would come. How was youre mission?“ The next hour Rey told him in detail about his assassination. At the end he also told the master about the traitor he spotted and killed. „Very well...we will have Fabios Room searched though. Anything else?“ Rey shook his head. „No...that was all.“ He stood up and walked away. Before he could reach the door, the master sayed: „Was it difficult? To kill Ronald? I mean he was youre friend once...“ Rey stood still for a moment. „It was, yes Master. But it had to be done. Even though I didn't want to do it.“ With that he walked out of the room.

Later Rey and a couple of assassins searched though Fabios Room. When Rey checked his workdesk, he found a couple of letters, combined with some money. He opened them and read though them. They were meant to be send to a couple of templars, giving status reports on the current situation.When One of the assassins asked what he found, Rey simply answered: „I found new targets.“
AC: The kill contract
Here is a little Assassin's Creed Story I wrote today when I was bored. I hope you like it, took me some time to write it down.

OC I'm using:

Rey Stormfire belongs to me :iconfirelord-dragonfire:
Assassin's Creed belongs to Ubisoft
Story belongs to me

Do not steal or use without my permission!
Samurai Dragonfire by Firelord-Dragonfire
Samurai Dragonfire
So, again a picture of Dragonfire. This time it shows him as a samurai ^^ Well, how I got the idea of him becoming a samurai at some point...I think I was training with a blade myself as it got into my head^^

At some point of his life Dragonfire traveled to japan. There he meet an old samurai. Dragonfire was fascinated by the way the samurai lived and spoke and as the man suggested to teach dragonfire the way of the samurai he gladly accepted. From that point he learned how to wheel a Muramasa (an katana bassicly, just a little diffrent from the blade and the handle) and much more. To the modern point he is still actually wearing his Maramasa blade, just upgraded by modern technology.

Dragonfire belongs to me :iconfirelord-dragonfire:
Art by :iconsmaraktwolf:
Do not steal!
Dragonwar Kapitel 3
Die Nacht des Drachenfeuers

Dragonfire ging wieder hinauf in die Drachenstadt. Dort angekommen machte er sich auf den Weg zurück zur Schmiede. Er lies seinen Blick zu der Sonne hinüber gleiten, die gerade dabei war unterzugehen. „Eine Stunde noch...“ murmelte er, bevor er sich wieder in Bewegung setzte. Innerlich freute er sich darauf, aber er war im selben Moment auch nachdenklich. 'Wie hatte der Mensch es geschafft in den Berg hinein zu kommen? Ob wohl mehr Menschen im Berg waren?' Er schüttelte denn Kopf. Er hatte später noch Zeit sich denn Kopf darüber zu zerbrechen. Etwas danach kam er endlich in der Schmiede an. Leonidas, der wie vorher hinter der Theke stand, blickte auf. „Ah, da bist du ja wieder. Sag, hat dich etwas aufgehalten? Du hast so lange gebraucht.“ Dragonfire lächelte und schritt zu ihm hinüber, legte denn Drachenerz auf die Theke. „Ja, ich bin aufgehalten worden. Hier hast du dein Drachenerz.“ Leonidas grinste und nickte, dann nahm er denn Erz an sich und meinte: „Komm mit in die Schmiede. Dort kannst du mir ja erzählen was passiert ist.“ Dragonfire nickte und schwang sich über die Theke drüber, folgte Leonidas in die Schmiede hinein. Dort drinnen konnte er mehrere Ambosse sehen, der junge Drache ging zu einem von ihnen hinüber, legte Dragonfires Schild darauf, dann meinte er: „Kann eine Weile dauern. In der Zeit kannst du mir ja von deinem Trip in die Mienen erzählen.“ Dragonfire nickte ein wenig und bereite sich darauf vor, alles was ab dem Moment wo er die Schmiede verlassen hatte passiert war noch einmal wiederzugeben.

Während Leonidas sich daran machte Dragonfires Schild aufzurüsten, erzählte dieser ihm von dem was er in der Miene erlebt hatte. Im letzten Teil sah Leonidas seinen Vater mehr als nur einmal schockiert an. Als Dragonfire geendet hatte sagte Leonidas: „Nun, gut das du es unbeschadet überstanden hast. Hier, dein Schild ist fertig.“ Leonidas trat einen Schritt zurück. Dragonfire stand auf und ging zu ihm hinüber, blickte auf den Schild hinunter. Leonidas hatte ihn nicht nur repariert sondern auch verbessert. In der Mitte des Schildes hatte er eine Eingravierung  eingearbeitet, das das Zeichen der Firelords zeigte. Dragonfire lächelte leicht: „Danke Leo. Das sieht echt gut aus. Wie gesagt, du hast ein großes Talent für so etwas.“ Leonidas errötete leicht und nickte etwas. „Danke Vater. Ich habe mein bestes gegeben.“ Dragonfire nickte etwas und nahm den Schild an sich, hängte ihn auf seinen Rücken. Leonidas blickte kurz aus einem der Fenster und meinte dann: „Wir sollten so langsam los. Es ist gleich Mitternacht und wir wollen das große Fest bestimmt nicht verpassen, oder?“ Dragonfire schüttelte denn Kopf und meinte. „Nein, will ich nicht. Lass uns gehen.“

Eine Weile später kamen die beiden wieder in der großen Halle an, diese war inzwischen mit vielen Drachen gefüllt. Auf dem Podest war eine große Feuerschüssel aufgebaut worden, Dragonfire ließ sich ein Stückchen vor dem Podest nieder. Bevor sie hergekommen waren hatte er sich noch einmal umgezogen, er trug jetzt eine schwarze Kapuzenrobe, an seinem Gürtel hing das Firelord Schwert. Er ließ seinen Blick schweifen. Leonidas bemerkte das und meinte dann: „Suchst du jemanden?“ „Ja, aber nicht nur einen Drachen. Mehrere.“ Sein Sohn hob eine Augenbraue: „Nach wem suchst du?“ Dragonfires Antwort kam fast wieder augenblicklich: „Nach deinen Geschwistern und nach Aurora.“ Der junge Drache nickte und erwiderte dann: „Keine Sorge, Ezail, Revenant und Wyld tauchen schon noch auf. Die drei haben ein Talent dafür im letzten Moment zu kommen, das weißt du doch.“ Dragonfire gluckste über diese Bemerkung und nickte, blickte wieder durch die Menge. Er brauchte nicht lange um Aurora auswendig zu machen. Sie stand zwischen mehreren älteren Drachen und schien etwas mit ihnen zu bereden. Er schloss die Augen und öffnete seine Sinne, um zu hören, was sie beredeten. Er konnte Aurora sagen hören: „...doch noch hat sich bei ihnen drüben nichts getan. Seid ihr euch sicher?“  Eine etwas tiefere Stimme gab ihr Antwort. „So sicher wie das Drachen fliegen können. Sie planen etwas, das weiß ich einfach.“ Eine andere Stimme mischte sich ein. „Nun, für heute sollten wir uns keine Sorgen um sie machen. Heute ist ein Tag der schon seit Jahrtausenden gefeiert wird. Also lasst uns das für das erste vergessen.“ Damit endete das Gespräch und Dragonfire bewegte denn Kopf langsam wieder. Von was hatten sie nur geredet? Fragen schossen durch seinen Kopf, doch diese wurden von einer Pfote, die sich auf seine Schulter gelegt hatte, unterbrochen. Als er sich umdrehte erblickte er einen jungen, dunkelblauen Drachen mit goldenen Augen und einer langen schwarzen Mähne. Dieser neigte denn Kopf leicht, ein Lächeln im Gesicht. „Hallo Vater.“ Dragonfire musste nun auch Lächeln und umarmte ihn sanft, meinte: „Hey Revenant. Wie geht es dir? Na, hast du deine Schwester auch dabei?“ Er lachte und nickte, trat einen Schritt zur Seite. Hinter ihm stand eine ebenso dunkelblaue Drachin, die aber um denn Bauch herum hellere Schuppen besaß. Sie lächelte und neigte denn Kopf ebenso wie Revenant vor ihr und meinte dann: „Hallo Dad.“ Dragonfire erwiderte die Geste  und antwortete sanft: „Hallo Ezail. Es ist schön euch beide zu sehen.“ Ezail lächelte ebenso wie ihr Vater und stellte sich neben ihn. „Wir hatten schon erwartet du kommst nicht.“ Das ließ ihn lachen und er blickte zum Podium hinüber. „Du dachtest doch nicht etwa das ich mir das hier entgehen lassen würde, oder? Ist ja nicht so das das hier nur alle 300 Jahre passiert.“ Ezail grinste über diese Aussage ein wenig, Revenant schmunzelte ebenso und sah ihn an. „Stimmt schon. Das hier ist etwas besonderes. Es ist es auf jeden Fall Wert sich anzusehen.“ Er verlagerte sein Gewicht auf sein linkes Bein. Dragonfire strich sich mit der rechten Hand das Haar aus dem Gesicht. Leonidas beteiligte sich wieder am Gespräch und sagte: „Es ist schön das wir mal wieder alle auf einem Fleck sind, bis halt auf Wyld, aber der kommt später auch noch hinzu.“ Alle nickten zustimmend. Dragonfire dachte dabei: 'Ja, ist es wirklich...seit Gills tot sind wir alle unseren eigenen Weg gegangen...' Er seufzte innerlich und erhob die Stimme wieder. „Ich stimme Leonidas zu. Wir sehen uns zu wenig.“ Wieder nickten die anderen still. Er versuchte zu lächeln und meinte dann: „Aber genug davon. Erzählt doch mal, was habt ihr in denn letzten Monaten alles gemacht?“

Die vier führten das Gespräch noch etwa eine ganze Stunde weiter. Zuerst erzählte Revenant von seinem Ausflug nach Frankreich, dann berichtete Ezail von ihrem Abenteuer in Österreich. Zuletzt erzählte Leonidas von seinem Leben in der Drachenstadt. Durch die ganze Zeit in der sie erzählten dachte Dragonfire nur: 'Die drei sind so Erwachsen geworden...' Ihr Gespräch wurde letztlich vom Brüllen eines Drachen beendet, der sich auf das Podest gestellt hatte. Es war wie vorher Gregor, der sich jetzt auf denn Hinterpfoten niederließ. Hinter ihm setzten sich noch weitere Drachen hin, diese hoben denn Kopf etwas und blickten in die Menge hinein. Gregor erhob nun seine tiefe Stimme. „Ich danke euch allen für eure Geduld. Es waren noch letzte Vorbereitungen zu treffen, doch ich versichere euch dass das Warten nun ein Ende hat. Für die, die es nicht wissen, der Ursprung dieses Festes liegt schon Jahrhunderte zurück. Alles begann...“

Für die nächsten zwei Stunden erzählte Gregor vom Ursprung des Festes und welche Bedeutung es für die Drachen hatte. Während er erzählte tauchte auch Wyld -Dragonfires ältester Sohn- auf, mit der Entschuldigung das er aufgehalten worden sei. Zusammen lauschten die Fünf der Erzählung des Drachen. Diese zog sich so noch mindestens eine weitere Stunde hin. Letztendlich endete er mit denn Worten: „...und solange wir uns an dieses Versprechen halten, werden wir denn Frieden erhalten können.“ Die Drachen fingen an ihre Stimmen zu erheben, manche klatschten, andere brüllten beistimmend. Dragonfire grinste etwas, blieb allerdings still. Dann ging Gregor langsamen Schrittes zu der Feuerschale hinüber. Während er darauf zulief sagte er ruhig: „Und nun zum Höhepunkt des Abends. Das Anzünden der Feuerschale. Seit Jahrhunderten verkörpert die Flamme unser inneres Feuer, das uns alle verbindet. Lasst uns gemeinsam die Flamme neu entfachen.“ Wie als hätte jemand einen Befehl gegeben, nahm jetzt jeder Drache seine eigentliche Form an und alle rückten ein Stück dichter an die Schale heran. Dragonfire schmunzelte wieder und sah zu Gregor hinauf, der sich nun auch von dem Podest hinunter vor die Schale begab. Es wurde kurz still, doch dann brüllte Gregor: „Lasst uns unser Feuer in einer einzigen Flamme verbinden!“ Dann erhob er seinen Hals und spuckte Feuer in die Schalle. Im selben Moment wo die erste Flamme seinem Mund entrann taten es ihm alle anderen Drachen nach. Auch Dragonfire streckte denn Hals nach oben und öffnete das Maul, ließ ein Meer aus Schwarz Roten Flammen hinausstürmen. In der Schale erhob sich nun eine mächtige Flamme. Die Drachen schlossen nacheinander die Münder und betrachteten das Farbenspiel des Feuers. Es brannte hoch und leuchtete hell, in vielen verschiedenen Farben. Das Lichtspiel faszinierte Dragonfire so wie auch die meisten anderen Drachen. Er hatte dieses Phänomen  zwar schon zwei mal gesehen, aber trotzdem erstaunte ihn diese Feier jedes Mal auf das neue. Schließlich stellte sich Gregor davor und brüllte wieder: „Lasst das Fest des Drachenfeuers beginnen!“ Über das zustimmende Gebrüll der Drachen hinweg, verlor sich das Lärmen von Turbinen, dass sich dem Berg langsam näherte.
Dragonwar Kapitel 3 Die Nacht des Drachenfeuers
Okay, hier ist Part drei von Dragonwar^^ Es ist schon länger fertig, aber ich hatte einfach nie die Zeit es hochzuladen^^ Sry, Part 4 kommt auch bald, keine Sorge^^ Lasst mir gerne nen Kommentar da was ihr von diesem Kapitel denkt^^ Ich freue mich immer über Kommentare^^

Dragonwar Story belongs to me
Aurora belongs to :iconmtfoxx3:
Dragonfire and the rest belongs to me :iconfirelord-dragonfire:

There is another version of Dragonwar at :iconmtfoxx3: Side. Our writings have nothing to do with each other, but be sure to check hers out too^^

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Hey, I'm looking to rp with someone^^ I can rp preddy much everything, ask me per note or per comment if you want to rp^^ I will be waiting^^

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Legend of Zelda

The Master Sword by Eternal-Stamps Zelda: It's A Way of Life by Horsesnhurricanes Legedn of Zelda by Girl-just-let-go-200 Hylian Crest by skinnyveestamp Link: The Evolution Stamp by TiuanaRui -Triforce of Courage Stamp- by CynicalCucco Zelda Royal Crest Stamp by Hyrule-Legends Water  Temple Stamp by Feddecheese Zelda Royal Crest Stamp PLZ by Master-Ziggy Triforce Stamp 2 by Jackobi Fruits of the Triforce - STAMP by TheGreenDragonGirl :thumb75972290: The Mark of Hyrule by Eternal-Stamps LoZ - Song of Healing by Cathines-Stamps LoZ: Link Stamp by NekoBattousai -Mask Salesman Stamp- by CynicalCucco -Toon Link is Epic Stamp- by CynicalCucco Zelda stamp by moonpiefsn

Acrostic Name Poem by Wishafriend
<a… target=new>Acrostic Name Poem by

Dragon Brother: ------------------------------
:iconfiredrake150: He is my oldest friend at dA yet^^ And also the first person I rped with^^

Dragon Sisters: ------------------------------
- :iconmtfoxx3: She is my dragon sister :) She is awesome at rping and also sometimes really funny to chat with :) She is also the monster under my bed :dummy: -_-" :D

Sisters: ------------------------------
- :iconsmaraktwolf: One of my oldest friends at dA^^ She is a very smart and friendly person :) ^w^

- :iconshoutenkage: Awesomeness pur! :nod: She is very friendly and kind^^

- :iconsingingstranger: I so totaly love to rp with her^^ Also a very kind and smart person^^

Brothers: ------------------------------
- :iconrowmer: I know him in real life :) ^^ He is an awesome drawer and also a very good friend :nod: ^^

- :icondjcatt: Is my genius cat brother! I really like his art^^

Cousins: ------------------------------
- :iconsonichighschoolteam: An loyal friend and an good rper^^

- :iconasoq: Also a very good friend^^ I love to rp with her^^


:D :D :D   :D :D :D     :D         :D :D :D
:D                   :D                 :D           :D
:D:D :D         :D         :D     :D              :D
:D               :D           :D       :D           :D
:D :D :D   :D :D :D    :D         :D :D :D

:iconburningplz: Divider 2 by Canzeda :iconburningplz:
A hall of fame for my best friends at dA:

2012 /13 :iconfiredrake150:
2012 /13 :iconsmaraktwolf:
2013 /14 :iconsingingstranger:
2013 /14 :iconmtfoxx3:
2013 /14 :iconshoutenkage:
2013/14 :iconcrimson-flazey:
2013/14 :icontotemhero:
2013/14 :iconkamiraptor:
2014/15 :iconraikairan:
2014/15 :iconandresbellorin-art:
:iconburningplz: Divider 2 by Canzeda :iconburningplz:

Also, who want to have a Story, or an Rp, just ask me.
By the way:
DON'T STEEL my Art, or I will find you and kill you. -stelph, of course- Like a Boss - Stamp v1 by NuclearFizix

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